Light Chocolate Mousse

When chocolate mousse is a 2 step, few minutes procedure it becomes dangerously inviting to my eyes.. that and the fact that this one is a super light
vegan, gluten free and dairy free..yum!

Super Gooey Pumpkin Cookies

Some people are just romantic.  My husband, for example, he sees deep meanings in most things: landscapes, seasons, animals.. ♥ I am more of a food person. My mother often says to me that is typical of my astrological sign: Taurus, practical and deeply connected to earth. And what is more connected to earth than…

Dark Chocolate & Yogurt Cake

It’s soon my husband’s birthday.. he’s turning 40! We are not the “big party” type of people. We have never been.  Maybe old style, but we still like to celebrate birthdays the three of us (well, four, with our Daisy Beagle girl) around the table, a cake, some wine and a present ♥ Me and…