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Pre-consultation questionnaire

After you have booked your appointment you will receive a health questionnaire with a three day food diary which must be completed with as many details as possible and sent back to me at least 3 days before the phone consultation.

The questionnaire and the three day food diary will be used to assess your nutritional requirements and identify possible lifestyle and dietary factors which could be contributing to your health concerns, and help me get a clearer idea of your health history.

Initial consultation

The consultation is by telephone and will last up to 45 minutes.

We will discuss the questionnaire and food diary, as well as your case history, medications, supplements, current diet and lifestyle. We will discuss and agree on your health goals and you will be explained any concerns from my side related to your diet and lifestyle should these arise.

I will explain if there are any foods that may be contributing to your ailments, suggesting better alternatives.

I will highlight any possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies and advice on ways to correct these.

After the consultation, you will receive a 3 week detailed nutritional program to follow before your follow up appointment when we will review your new plan and see which recommendations have worked well for you. The plan will include the diet modifications discussed, lifestyle changes and the possibility of any additional functional laboratory tests to suit you should these be necessary.

Initial consultation cost: £110

Follow up consultation cost: £80 

A follow up consultation lasts up to 30 minutes.

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Please remember to list any medication or supplements that you are currently taking. Continue to take any medication as normal; do not stop any medication without your doctor’s consent.