Creamy Broccoli Spaghetti (the underrated veg that most kids hate..)

You know, I’m tired of hearing bad things about vegetables. Especially from kids! Take broccoli. In this country, the UK, broccoli are often described negatively. I have heard kids talking about broccoli as a disgusting veg.. and sadly, in many cases parents’ examples in the matter don’t help, as I witnessed on multiple occasions.

Kids’ cartoons and TV programs seem to keep up the negative image with this healthy, one of the healthiest actually, and versatile veg.

However, cupcakes buried in icing and doughnuts with more colours than rainbows, pop around happily on every child’s magazine, tv program, cartoons and food shops. How is that for setting an example? Why do I never see children’s characters on magazines munching on real food?For example, nuts, seeds, or have slumber parties with fruit salads and maple syrup, wholegrain sandwiches (the brown ones) or smoothies? Are they not cool?

Well, since my daughter was born I didn’t want any of that. Yes, we celebrate with the occasional treat (my recipes don’t lie :)), but mostly I wanted Sophie to get used to a variety of flavours from a clean, wholefood diet. And how did I do that? By presenting her this variety and introducing different foods to her from an early age. She doesn’t like salad? There are different ways to prepare and present a food, and in my experience if she sees mama eating it and loving it she is more likely to give that a go 😉 ♥

Happily eating a chicory salad

I remember the first time I gave her wasn’t the common “sugar dairy” bar, with invisible amounts of actual cocoa that you find in most shops (oh and carefully placed at child’s height..). It was dark chocolate. She absolutely loved it. She loved the flavour because she could actually taste it. Tasting and appreciating simple flavours is normal when your taste buds are used to a clean, wholefood diet [for example, you won’t need a ton of sugar to be able to detect sweetness ;)]

My recipe today is about broccoli. They are a super food and I’m happy to cook them for my family because:

Rich in nutrients

Broccoli are rich in vitamin K, C, A, B6 and folate, but also manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. It is not surprising to know, therefore, that the consumption of broccoli brings many benefits to our health. Particularly on the heart and brain helping to prevent heart attacks, keep the arteries free and balance cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Anticancer properties

This plant improves the ability of the body to fight cancer in various ways, it’s a source of isotiocianates that fight cancer by lowering oxidative stress, neutralizing carcinogens and fighting toxins. [Link to study]

Sulpharane, another isothiocyanate and potent phytochemistry contained in large quantities in broccoli, helps fight toxins in our body.[Link to study]

Benefits on digestion

Studies conducted by the Division of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Science of Tokyo found that by feeding mice a diet high in broccoli consumption, there was a reduction in bacterial colonization, a lower expression of tumour growth and inflammation, and a greater antioxidant activity.  [Link to studies]

Creamy Broccoli Spaghetti


Ingredients for two

extra virgin olive oil (about 5 tbsp)

pinch of turmeric

2 anchovies

3 cloves of garlic

200 g broccoli tenderstem roughly chopped

brown rice spaghetti (for 2)

pink himalayan salt

Nutritional yeast (optional)


Heat up a large frying pan and add the oil with turmeric

Mix the turmeric in the oil so it spreads evenly

Add the anchovies and with a wooden spoon mix them in the oil and turmeric, they’ll melt pretty quickly

Add the garlic cloves, crash them first, so they release their flavour in the oil, alternatively you can grate them

Mix for a few seconds and add the broccoli, then mix

Add some water, we don’t want the broccoli to over fry, don’t drown them though;) one cup should be enough.

Cover with lid on a medium heat

Aside, place a pan of water and add a pinch of salt

Bring to boil and add the spaghetti, since they are rice spaghetti they tend to stick, so add a few drops of olive oil in the water and use a fork to mix and keep them separated

When the pasta is cooked, drain and add to the frying pan with the broccoli condiment and mix to make sure the condiment covers all your pasta

Optional: you can sprinkle some nutritional yeast, for extra nutrient boost and flavour 🙂


To your health and enjoy!



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  1. My parents generally used mostly whole foods to prepare our meals. The grew some vegetables in the garden including brussels sprouts.
    Despite that I was incredibly picky and didn’t care for vegetables like broccoli.
    I’ll eat it today, but only if it is prepared in a certain way. A huge plain piece of broccoli on my plate….no thanks. Very small pieces mixed in with Asian type flavors…okay. Broccoli slaw is also okay.