I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Allergy Therapist, member of the largest group of Allergy Therapists in the UK,  the British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy, the British Complementary Medicine Association and certified by the Association for Nutrition (AfN).

I suffer from LTP allergy,  a plant protein allergy that is highly cross-reactive. Sensitivity to the protein, often driven by peach allergen Prup3, can lead to severe allergic symptoms to many plant based foods.

I became fascinated with nutrition whilst learning and trying to keep a healthy diet despite my limitations to many nourishing foods. Small changes can go a long way.

Food is medicine and can help us boost our immune system, fight inflammation and transform our body.

And while I love my PubMed studies (yes, that’s how much of a geek I am!).. I enjoy spending my free time homeschooling and travelling with my funky band made up of a caring husband, an 11 year old detective and a clueless, merry little beagle 😉

So, welcome to my chill out corner and happy reading  🙂


BA (Hons) NT.Dip  DipAET