I am an Allergy Therapist, specialised in Nutrition. I am a member of the largest group of Allergy Therapists in the UK,  the British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy and the British Complementary Medicine Association.

My most important job though, is being a wife and a full time mum. ​I live with my daughter, my husband and a crazy little beagle:)

Both me and my husband home educate our daughter ♥



Days are busy between work, cooking, playing, learning (and chasing the beagle..), but I’m so grateful for all I have I wouldn’t change a thing.. well, if time could slow down, that would be awesome;)

My passion is food. I love eating healthy food, it tastes great and it makes me feel great. I have witnessed the positive changes that food can bring to mind and body and I’m here to spread the word.

When I was younger my dream job was to become an interpreter. Travel, study new cultures and learn new languages. So I spent some time travelling across Europe and I obtained a University degree in Linguistics in 2005.

However, my interest in nutrition started in my early thirties when I began suffering from multiple food allergies and intolerances. I was underweight and tired most of the time.

It seems that challenging the status quo of things comes natural to me, especially when it comes to health. It became quickly clear that studying and researching was going to play a key role to my healing.

I spent other 4 years studying nutrition, with a particular interest in the digestive system, allergies and food intolerances.

When it comes to diet and supplements I always rely on evidence-based research. I love my PubMed studies (that’s how much of a geek I am!) 🙂

In my work I focus on writing and advising on healthy eating  habits, whether is a raw juice or even a chocolate cake. It’s about balance using quality wholefoods ingredients.

We can improve our health by ingesting the right combination of nutrients because food is medicine and can help us boost our immune system, fight inflammation and transform our health.   

Some of my raw juice recipes highlight not only the benefits of different medicinal ingredients, but they are supported by the evidence of multiple medical studies, so happy reading 🙂

​Looking back, I’m glad I went through it all because my past health issues are not only the reasons why I studied and got my qualifications, but they are especially the reasons why me and my family are now healthier than ever before.

Passion and determination can get you through most things in life.

Welcome to my website 🙂

Claudia x

BA (Hons)  Dip AET  AfN cert.  member BCMA, BIAET