Creamy Tagliatelle with Chickpeas

Sometimes I have no idea what to prepare until the very last minute and then is usually too late for anything fancy.

Take today. I woke up at 7, had a little chat with my daughter about what we dreamt of, like we usually do. Apparently one girl she knows turned into a gorilla. Anyway, quickly got dressed came downstairs, let the beagle out, prepare breakfast for everyone, except me. Husband off to work, shopping comes. It’s raining heavily, while I carry the shopping to the kitchen Daisy decides to jump and steal some of the blackberries I ordered to make a dessert. She scatters the rest on the floor. Keep the calm.

Put the shopping away and quickly tidy up the kitchen. Come back in the living room, Daisy managed to open the back door (did I say it’s raining heavily?) and the water quickly came in. Puddles of water mixed with Daisy’s mud that she brought inside from the garden all over the laminate floor. Dry it up. She has to go for a poo outside now but won’t go because it’s raining. Now she realises that she doesn’t like to get wet. Now? Not a good time! But hey, there she is looking at me with her “have mercy” face. “Don’t you dare Daisy, you’re going out for number two!”

It’s nearly 10 and I haven’t had breakfast yet. I go to the kitchen and grab a banana and some cashew milk. Sophie is upstairs crafting away and I finally sit down. Who do I find looking at me? You guessed it. By the way, this below is her “have mercy/please” position. She literally thinks she can ask for anything.

daisy mercy face

I sit at my desk to work on the computer for an hour or so and she jumps to sit on me. But she doesn’t sit down, oh no. She puts her damp paws on the keyboard opening so many windows in one go that the computer crashes and stops working for over half an hour. I thought it wouldn’t turn on again.

Keep calm.

Look at the time, it’s nearly lunchtime.

Coming up with a dish like this, when you want to still keep it healthy but real quick is a blessing. The good thing about this recipe in fact is that it requires minimal effort. The chickpeas are already cooked and soft, they only need to gain some flavour in the water with some garlic, salt and turmeric. Then cook the pasta in the water. Done.

From start to finish this will take you maximum 10 minutes. I’d say it’s worth it considered the tasty and healthy result 😉

Daisy is finally asleep! I’m calling Sophie to come down and dress the table and serve this with a mixed salad aside.

chickpea tagliatelle

I am keeping the rest in the fridge and serve it warmed up later for my hubby. Eating this pasta after it has cooled down is even creamier and tastier.

tagliatelle with chickpeas

Love chickpeas ♥

Chickpeas are super healthy legumes. They help us to maintain stable blood sugar levels and they are a good source of plant protein.

This food contains a high content of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin K, B6, folate, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium as well as high fibre content.

Folate is particularly important as its deficiency can contribute to various disorders in our body such as anemia, poor immune function and digestive problems.

It is also essential to pregnant women, its deficiency can cause neural tube defects, such as spina bifida.

Creamy Tagliatelle with Chickpeas


600g chickpeas (cooked in water)

200g brown rice noodles

1 clove garlic

1 tsp turmeric

a pinch of dried Kombu (for extra nutrients)

a pinch of Himalayan salt

Evo oil


Pour the chickpeas with their water in a pan, add enough filtered water to cover but don’t overdo it (just enough for the noodles to be cooked in – see below)

Add the grated garlic, turmeric, the dried Kombu and Himalayan salt and bring to a boil

Add the noodles and stir frequently to make sure they don’t stick together

When cooked they will have absorbed some of the water and the starches released will give a creamy consistency to your dish

Drizzle with plenty of good quality Evo oil

Enjoy ♥

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