Daisy the Beagle

I was asked to share some photos of our merry and mostly clueless, little beagle ♥

Sure! Here’s a little collage of some of her best moments.

Aside from the funny sides (and believe me, there are a few!!), bringing home Daisy meant I would educate myself on Beagles, dogs in general, a healthy diet etc. I had no idea though that I’d find out about cruel realities, some involving especially Beagles, like animal testing.[Link]

This is Tumbore Daisy 🙂 We took her home when she was only 8 weeks old! She climbed on Sophie’s yellow cardigan with her tiny paws and tiny nails and we were hooked. Literally too ♥



Slightly bigger than a hamster..:)


Grumpy face



 Bat Beagle..!!

You might find this photo somewhere else on the internet.. it went viral!
But hey, with that smile.. 😉


I’m not going to lie, she does enjoy my yoga mat more than I wish to..




Daisy’s favourite pastime?




And finally keeping an eye on Sophie and Alan playing in the snow!


Hope you enjoyed ♥ I’ll update soon 😉