Venison Shepherd’s Pie

Sometime has passed since my last post and there is a reason. Everybody caught the flu @themoseley’s house!

My husband got sick first and within 3 days we were all in bed smiling, yey 🙂 not really.

Luckily we all caught it lightly, 3 days in bed a few body aches and it was all over.

The temperature was the worst part and the cough took ages to go!

Still, can’t complain. I feel sorry for those people who were in bed for 2 weeks, I have heard of so many cases and I heard of a few who developed complications right when they thought it was all over! How’s that for frustrating.

All this gave me even more a motivation to fill up with probiotics, fermented vegetables, herbal teas, fresh juices and nourishing food as part of prevention.

We can’t always stop a virus from attacking us, but we can certainly build our weapons. We can optimise nutrients through a healthy diet and boost our immune system, whilst making it more efficient to defend us and fight in the best possible way.

One thing seems sure, this bug must have found us in a “ready to kick your ass harder” kind of state and left us alone pretty quickly 😉

During the flu, we had light soups, more fresh juices, herbal teas and of course elderberry syrup for its well known immune supporting properties.

You can read all about elderberry syrup and its studies here .

Today is the first day I can finally eat a proper meal (and actually tasting it!!) and I’m rather hungry for something more substantial and filling…

Cottage pie or shepherd’s pie?


Apparently the difference is in the meat. Cottage pie is made using beef and shepherd’s pie uses lamb.

If this is the case, then I never really made a cottage pie. I rather use either lamb or venison or a mix of the two.

This pie is filled with vegetables and good fats. I added omega 3 rich grass fed beef fat to cook the vegetables and the venison that came straight from a nearby farm.

Its smell and taste is the comfort food, deeply nourishing that I seem to crave often during the cold months. It’s kind of my blanket ♥



Ingredients for 3 people ♥

500 g venison/lamb mince

1 roughly chopped carrot

1 roughly chopped leek

2 garlic cloves

a handful of fresh tenderstem broccoli

a handful of chorizo, sliced (optional)

fresh thyme

2 bayleaves

2 tbsp olive oil or grass fed beef fat

For the mash

1 kg potatoes peeled and chopped

dairy free milk (enough for the mash)

Himalayan salt


In a large frying pan heat the beef fat. Add the chorizo and cook for 5 minutes.

When the chorizo is browned, remove and set aside in a plate.

In the chorizo juice add the garlic, leek, carrot, broccoli and the mince, stirring, until browned all over. While the meat is frying, break up any lumps using the fork.

Add salt to taste. Add the bay leaves and thyme and a bit of water and cover with lid for a few minutes, until some of the water is absorbed but it remains still juicy.

Add the chorizo, stir and set aside.

Meanwhile in a large pan, cook the peeled and chopped potatoes in salty boiling water until tender (15 minutes)

Drain, add the milk and salt and mash until creamy and smooth.

Preheat the oven to 200C/180C Fan/Gas 6.

Pour the meat and its juice into an ovenproof dish and spread the mash on top, smooth over and mark with a fork as to create thin waves. This will give it a crunchy texture.

Put the dish into the oven and cook until the surface is golden-brown.

Make with Love and Share with Love ♥


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