2 Ingredient pancakes

Nothing easier than these pancakes! Literally a few minutes and you get gluten free, dairy free, paleo, nutritious pancakes! I enjoy mine with blueberry syrup on top, I do this by warming a packet of fresh blueberries in a pan, on low heat, until they start to bubble and release their sweet juice..yum! I pour the syrupy juice on top of the pancakes and happy me it’s a good day:)

My daughter enjoys these with maple syrup:)


It’s so early. It looks like is going to be a sunny day. It’s freezing outside.

Alan is making his cinnamon espresso coffee in the kitchen and Sophie is still asleep upstairs.

Daisy the beagle is sitting patiently next to my blue yoga mat staring at me with her big sad eyes as I sit down at the table.

Bless her, surely she’s after the pancakes..



2 eggs

1 tbsp coconut flour

coconut oil (for frying)


Warm up the coconut oil in a frying pan

Whisk the eggs until smooth

Add the coconut flour to the eggs and mix well

As soon as the mixture is ready pour it a little at the time (I use a tablespoon to help me) in the pan and flip it over once it starts to take shape, it should take a few seconds.

Enjoy with your favourite topping ♥


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