Liver Support Juice

Detox has been a hot topic on the internet over the last months, what am I saying?

Over the last years!

The air we breathe in, the food we eat (often contaminated!), a hectic lifestyle, stress, travelling etc. it all adds up and leaves us with little energy and possibly extra toxins that our body has to deal with and try to get rid of in order to keep us healthy.

I can see it particularly well in the morning, especially if I haven’t slept well. The eyes and the colour of the skin. When you don’t glow there is a reason.

Doing what I do is making me realise that people often act as if they were resigned. Especially after a certain age when we almost expect that something will go wrong with our health, it’s unavoidable.  Body aches, some forms of autoimmunity etc. We likely put it down to age. The truth is that many of these conditions are entirely preventable and did not happen because of sudden bad luck.

Studies show that genetic factors are not the major causes of chronic diseases.

What we put in our body and the lifestyle we lead greatly affect our health and our look.

I was talking to a dear friend a few days ago. We were sharing our thoughts over a cup of yogi tea🙂 on how we all like to dress a certain way, to buy certain luxuries. We prioritise what’s more important to us. So we like to look good, we buy cosmetics to help us looking younger, to make our hair look shinier, our skin softer and our teeth whiter.

Sadly, at the very bottom of our list, goes what feeds our body and nourish us from the inside, effectively making all of the above possible, but on a deeper level. We have all heard the old saying “you are what you eat”, after all.

So the the sad message I get from too many people is to keep the food shopping as cheap as possible to save for new cosmetics, clothes or something else, ignoring the fact that  food is what nourishes us at our deepest levels, it fuels our cells, it deeply affects our physical and mental health. Yet it becomes the least important “chore” in our life. 

A convenient, prepacked option often based on an uninformed choice.

However, in the era we live information is spreading quickly making us responsible for the choices we make, if not for us, at least for our kids!

Speaking of which here is my lightly spicy juice, and it’s all about detoxification.

Our body goes through a detoxification process on a daily basis, it’s one of its primary functions.

To support our organs and help them eliminate waste so that toxins present in the body can be metabolised and excreted we need to give our body the right nutrients.

So our liver needs to cleanse to detoxify the blood from toxins and impurities but if we load ourselves with sugar and vegetable oils there is very little it can do. We give the body an extra burden that it needs to filter, fight and get rid of.

Given the right “weapons”, or delicious nourishing foods,  our body improves the functions of our detoxification systems and can focus on keeping us healthy.

To our health x



1 large cucumber

2 beetroots

A handful of baby spinach

1 green apple

½ lemon, peeled

1 inch knob of ginger


Run all the ingredients through your juicer and drink as soon as it’s ready




Photo by Harshal S. Hirve on Unsplash



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