Autumn Morning Juice

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling like is going to be a lazy day? That and the fact that it’s Sunday.

I am sitting in front of my kitchen window and I’m looking outside. It’s Autumn. I want to take time to appreciate what’s going on around me. I see leaves, trees, bushes, the colours are amazing! How many times have I walked down these paths in a rush, pulled by Daisy the beagle, without stopping and actually looking..

I notice my daughter Sophie takes time. She lives very much in the present. She looks at nature a lot more than I do. She doesn’t just “look” she blends with nature.

She is nature ♥  She plays outside, she reads outside in the garden, she rests and talks to me on the kitchen windowsill that overlooks bushes and trees, generally while I’m cooking.

She loves the smell of the air in the morning. So do I. ♥

Animals take time too. They need to feel part of nature. It’s the adult human world that is often detached and sucked in rushed routines, social networks etc.

But this morning I’m here, I’m present.

My bright green bowl on the kitchen windowsill is reminding me of the many aspects of this beautiful season and it’s filled with similar colours. Persimmon, oranges, pumpkin, figs.. Autumn.

This morning I’m in the mood for something sweet.  Something colourful like the autumn leaves that are falling before my eyes in this very moment. ♥

I found you.


Autumn morning juice


A mixture of persimmon fruit, cucumber, oranges, spinach, beetroot and a “buried” carrot! 🙂 (Honest, it’s there somewhere)


Beautiful, golden persimmon



3 persimmon fruit

2 oranges

2 small beetroots

1 cucumber

1 large carrot

1 teaspoon coconut oil


Add all the ingredients to your juice extractor gradually. Leave the carrot at the end it will help to move bits of veg that can get stuck during the extraction.

When the juice is ready you can add some coconut oil. That’s what Sophie likes to do. Plus, it will help to better absorb the nutrients, yum!



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