Healthy Chips? Crunchy Kale!

This past week I have been turning fruit into gummies, cashew butter into cookies, coconut milk into yoghurt and vegetables into chips!

I love dehydrating foods and here are just a few reasons why:


During dehydration the flavours get more concentrated. This is especially noticeable when dehydrating fruit.


Let’s be honest. Dehydration offers something different in the healthy snack category.

My daughter loves her fruit rolls which I have prepared in about 10 different variations, for tomorrow it’s raw cookies on the menu!

These types of snacks are also easy to bring with you on a day out.


“Follow the season” is what my grandfather used to say. Buy in season, it is healthier, ethical and usually cheaper. If you buy more fruit or vegetables than you should, no worries, you can transform all that fresh goodness into dehydrated versions and save more money in the process. With me it’s usually the case with berries. Oh and without the nasties. You know, added sugars, preservatives and such.


Food dehydration is truly simple!  No gadgets to put together and dismantle, minimal washing required to keep it clean. What’s not to love?


This is the part I like. If you use low temperatures, dehydrated foods don’t lose their nutritional goodness, making them particularly useful when it comes to preparing snacks.  The last time I checked healthy snacks on a supermarket shelf, the choice was pretty poor.

Why curly kale?

Curly kale, a member of the cabbage family, has distinctive dark green leaves which are rather tough and fibrous. Curly kale is rich in vitamin C and iron, calcium, vitamin K and vitamin A, essential for the health of the eyes and skin. This important nutritional profile makes this food an essential ingredient for our immune system and our metabolism.

Natural Anti-cancer Properties

Another amazing substance contained in curly kale, as well as in other plants belonging to the cruciferous family, is sulforaphane. Studies have shown that this valuable phytochemical helps to fight the formation of tumours at  molecular level. [Find study1 here]  [Find study2 here]


Curly Kale Chips

While there are several ways to cook this superfood, the most popular way in my family is dehydrating it, because it magically turns into chips!


150 g organic rinsed curly kale

Extra virgin olive oil OR coconut oil

A pinch of Hymalaian salt

1 tsp of smoked paprika


Rinse and thoroughly dry the kale, tear in small pieces using only the tender leaves

Transfer into a bowl mix the oil, paprika and salt together aside and drizzle over the leaves. Toss thoroughly to combine, using yr hands to season evenly.

Dispose the leaves on the tray of your dehydrator and set time and temperature accordingly (I own a D5 IR and I set it at 45 degrees for 18 hours).

Alternatively, you can oven bake the kale at 105°C for 15-20 minutes. Stir the leaves to ensure even baking and leave for another 5 minutes until crispy but careful it burns  easily so keep an eye!).

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