Luscious Grape Must

One of my favourite snacks.. luscious grape must!

Around September I make sure to prepare 2 things: elderberry syrup and grape must! The rest, ALL the rest, can wait 😉

This is when Sophie can’t wait for breakfast, she fills up a cup with creamy must straight from the fridge, grabs a spoon, her favourite book (usually one that involves dogs) and sits down in the kitchen. This is when time must slow down and let us enjoy the good moments in life.



2 kg Dark Grapes

2 tbsp Rice flour


Put the grapes into a large pan, then rinse and drain them.


Turn the heat on and cook them, stirring every few minutes, at low heat.

The grapes will start to soften and release their juice.

You can help speeding this up by gently pressing on them when they are soft.

Take the pan off the hob and let it cool down.

Blend the mixture (I use an immersion blender) until it’s smooth and no big lumps remain.


Aside, stir 2 tbsp of rice flour in a glass half filled with water until completely dissolved.

Pour the liquid into the pan and stir the grape mast until it starts to thicken up a little.

Don’t stop stirring or the mixture will stick to the bottom of the pan.

Turn the heat off and let it cool down.

grapemust 27


Refrigerate for a few hours.. and enjoy as a jam on your favourite bread or on its own! ♥♥


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